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Fee Schedule

7-Eleven Fuel Card

Please note that these fees and charges may be varied by notice to you in writing.

Standard card fees

Card Type Transaction Fee
All Cards $0.35 per transaction

A Billing Administration Fee of (a) 1.3% applies to all Visa and Mastercard payments, and 2.1% to all American Express payments (b) $1.10 applies to all payments made by cheque. There is no entitlement to a refund or pro rata payment of any fees if an account is closed.

Late payment fees

Type Amount
Administration fee (late payments) $25
Late fee 2.75% of the overdue amount (or any part thereof) per month

Ancillary fees

In addition to the fees and charges that you must pay to us under the other provisions of these terms and conditions, you agree to pay us the fees and charges below along with such other fees and charges as we determine and notify to you and we may charge to your account those amounts:

Type Amount
Card issue fee (per card) Waived
Joining fee Waived
Email statement fee $0.00
Paper statement fee
(optional) (per statement)
Replacement card fee
(per card)
Reconcilliation processing fee
(per hour)
Exception reporting
(optional) (per card/month)
BAS Vehicle reporting
(optional) (per card/month)
FBT Assist reporting
(optional) (per vehicle/annum)

Please note all fees listed on this schedule exclude GST.

Paper statement fee is charged on a monthly basis should you request to receive your statements via post.

You may request at any time to receive your statement electronically to avoid this fee.

Replacement card fees are payable per replacement card required to be issued.

Reconciliation processing fees are payable per hour for the time that it takes us to reconcile your accounts.

We may charge to your account, in addition to any other amount payable under these terms and conditions,
the amount of any government duties, taxes (including goods and services tax) and charges now or in the
future charged or payable in relation to or in connection with:

  •  Your account;
  • Any amount payable under these terms and conditions;
  • Any transaction entered into in relation to a card or using a card; or
  • The supply of anything (including any goods or services) under these terms and conditions or in
    connection with your account, whether or not you are principally liable for the duties, taxes or charges.

We reserve the right to vary all fees, charges, discounts at any time by notice to you in writing.

The 7-Eleven Fuel Card is a credit facility provided by WEX Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 68 005 970 570), a specialist supplier to the payment industry and one of the largest multi- branded fuel card operators in Australia.
*Does not include LPG